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Subject: Rlp 2
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kechue 23.04.12 - 03:46pm
Hey,l got a friend who is pregnant with her boyfriendx child,bt he doubts the pregnancy is his because he saw a text from a friend who likes her on her 4ne....how does she convince him that this rilly his child ..the guy is xo angry n doesnt want to hear anythng about the baby.pliz help out *

makotwal 23.04.12 - 05:37pm
Havin a baby with someone aint a guarantee they wil always lv u and be thea 4 u...many young men leave their girlfriends as soon as they hear they are pregnant.once the baby is born she must go for a paternity test.if her boyfriend is rily the father this wil prove it to him *

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